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  • carlosnm19>brooklyn18f> lol
  • brooklyn18f> what’s so funny?
  • francesca>jocelyn> we haven't talked or shared knowledge for about 4 months let alone him being friendly with me
    it's just a big mess!
  • genesis> yes we we're suppose to meet at 10:30, maybe a little later
  • carlosnm19>fiona_21> lol good idea it was gone with nothing you can say that we'd wait to go back haha
    i would never do that but that’s just me
  • femke_baby>jacobm19> hey you how are you?
  • jacobm19> felicityyy!
  • jacobm19> how are youuu baby?
  • jocelyn>francesca> he will why do you worry so much when you don't have to
  • felicity1988>jacobm19> i am doing just fine how about you?
  • felicity1988>
  • jacky_1987> i am sooo bored!
  • riley22_m>jacky_1987> maybe you and i should have some fun then?
  • jacky_1987>riley22_m> i don't think so
  • lily2easy>felicity1988> what music are you listening to?
  • nathanisbrave> any sexy girls in this chatroom?
  • nathanisbrave>
  • bella_brianna> soo sweet how that man and his dog got reunited after losing him for over almost 3 months
    i hope my dog will never get lost i would be crushed!!
  • mackenzie> hahaha!
  • genesis>bella_brianna> i read it too it made me so emotional!
  • nathanisbrave> which one of you sexy girls want to have fun and chat with me?
  • brooklyn18f> lol idiot!
  • sarahsavior> hello all!
  • jacobm19>sarahsavior> hey sarah how are you?
  • sarahsavior>jacobm19> hiya jacob!

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